08 August 2013

08 May 2013

PLKN life!

Hello peeps! So this is my first post in 2013 cause I had deleted all the past posts. Why? Because I wanted to start my life again in this blog! Like seriously , 2013 is the year that I enjoyed the most even it just passed for 4 months only. Not much to say , let's see the pictures and let me explained to you :)

So as what I said this year is so meaningful to me because I met a lot of friends in NS. Different races , different language and different attitudes. Actually last year when u found out that I've been chosen for NS I was like 'WTF are you serious?!' Honestly I do hate NS that time cause I heard some of e people said that NS is very suffering. And the reason why I don't like because a lot people came back from NS with dark skins! As all my friends knew that my current skin already dark , if I go there It will become a lot more darker than the usual skin colour I had. But then no choice , daddy force me to go. So nvm , I accepted the truth that I am going NS in 2013. And luckily I was chosen to batch 1. It was the luckiest when you chosen to batch 1 because there are a lot of holidays! Especially Chinese New Year holidays. And most of the people said that I'm lucky because I've been chosen to Penang's Balik pulau Kem , KEM PLKN SRI MUTIARA.  Okay skip skip with the 'how I feel' part.

So as you see the first picture , it's my company called DELTA! I really love this company even though its a lot more naughty and a lot more noisier compared to the other company. They are the best okay! ❤❤❤❤

This was my first time wearing Baju kurung borrowed by my lovely Malay dorm mates! And these girls are my besties in KEM especially the two of them wearing Indian costumes start form left and the one who wearing purple Baju kurung start from right!

And and this day was the day we took our company photo , dorm photo and each races photo. This photo section was one of the best memories in my life! Hehehe. And the Malay girl which is beside me (right) was the first Malay girl that I love so much! She's not the kind of Malay girl who pantang in whatever topic. And she's just so friendly! Anyway most of the Baju kurung I wore was borrowed from her :D

Yoyo , saw these two guys? The one with yellow shirt was a guy from Penang that knows how to speak English , Hokkian and Tamil. The one with orange shirt is a Malay guy that i love to look that most. Haha shyyyy! And seriously both of them are so cute!!!

So we like to take pictures when we were bored. Actually it's me la because i really really miss taking photos. Hahahaha :p

THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE PART! An Indian friend was helping me with the sari. I really love it when I wore it. Seriously this sari is so so so so freaking nice!!

I actually don't know this guy beside me but he gave me this mask during our graduation night in KEM.  This is the first time I received such cute present! Thanks a lot man :D

SEE OUR CURRENT BELOVED PM! We are one Malaysia okay! Don't say anything bad to shoot Chinese again in newspapers!

We performed dance and we get the best performance during graduation night! The songs we performed was one of a kind , crayon and the boom shakalaka song by g-dragon and MAMA by don't know what korean group dy. actually we never expect that we'll get prizes. hehe. HIT YOUR HEART The best!!!

This was our look when wirajaya. This section was the last and the most awful in the KEM. My skin became more darker because of this!

So this is the combined pictures in my KEM life. I can't post too much about my NS life because I still have a lot things to share with!

This was my first and almost completed Penang trip after came out from NS. I really really glad to meet them and I didn't regret I went to KEM. They are like part of my family. And most of all they are pst of my life NOW AND FOREVER 😊 !

So I'm done with the NS life post. I'll continue another post tomorrow since I have so much to talk about my 2013 life! Good night and sweet dreams! 😴😴